Strength Cartel Flush

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60 Capsules

Lean, Mean and Clean

It’s time for a FLUSH! It’s no joke that your digestive tract has been working overtime and sometimes needs a little assistance getting the job done. While you’ve been putting on them gains you’ve no doubt been adding more calories and protein to your diet. This is great for gains but what’s left behind is what FLUSH is going to take care of for you. You see the human body can hold anywhere from 5-20lbs of nasty ass mucoid plaque. That’s plaque that’s left behind after you digest your meals and it builds up over time. Kinda like plaque on your teeth, you brush to get rid of it so think of FLUSH as a toothbrush your intestines. On top of cleaning you out, FLUSH pulls out excess water weight and toxins so you feel better and look better. Stay Lean, Stay Mean, Get Clean with FLUSH.

  • Clean Out Internal Organs
  • Cut Water Weight & Increase Regularity
  • Increase Nutrient Absorption

Cascara Sagrada,Uva Ursi and Slippery Elm work together to increase regularity by moving stool through your GI tract. They also soothe the digestive tract while reducing inflammation and killing bacteria while pulling out excess water.

Bentonite Clay is a powerful detoxifier. It moves through your system soaking up toxins like a sponge so they can be easily eliminated.

Milk Thistle cleans and detoxifies your liver improving digestion and overall health.

Directions for Relaxation:

Take 2 Flush veggie capsules once a day with 8oz of water. Do not miss days for best cleanse.