Strength Cartel - Fuerza Stack MAX

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Pick Dead Game MAX Flavor: Island Punch

Island Punch

Pick Big Boy Amino Flavor: Killer Lemonade

Killer Lemonade

Stack Content:

Dead Game MAX

Big Boy Amino

Time 2 Bleed

Fuerza Stack

Fuerza, it’s what Strength Cartel is known for. This stack delivers everything you need to take your workouts to the next level and to build that strength. Get the Fuerza stack so you can lift that heavy ass weight SC style homie.

Dead Game

The Heavy Hitter preworkout of choice! It’s no coincidence that Big Boy takes Dead Game before pushin all that heavy ass weight, it’s because this shit works homie. Dead Game is formulated with just the right amount of caffeine, L-theanine and Alpha GPC to keep you energized and focused during your workout without the jitters and no crash. We got you covered on the pump too, Citrulline and Agmatine enhance your blood flow delivering crazy pumps. Plus Dead Game has two forms of creatine and beta alanine to help with big time power, strength and endurance. The weights may kill you, but with DEAD GAME™ you'll NEVER QUIT.

• No Jitters & No Crash
• Laser Focus and Sustained Energy
• Two Forms of Hard Hitting Creatine for Fast Strength Gains
• Beta Alanine for more Endurance
• More Vascularity and Better Pumps

Time 2 Bleed

When it comes time to put in that work and try to GET THAT MONEY it’s Time 2 Bleed. This ain't some watered down shit that leaves your muscles flatter than a pancake after 30 minutes, this is the real deal homie. Made with the best pump ingredients anywhere. More blood flow and a better pump not only looks good in the mirror, it actually supplies your muscles with more nutrients to give you better recovery and faster strength gains. TIME 2 BLEED will make you the MOST HATED in the gym with that CRAZY PUMP.

• 4,250mg of Skin Tearing L-Citrulline
• Patented VASO6™ -The Ultimate Pump Enhancer
• 3,200mg of Beta Alanine for Enhanced Endurance

Big Boy Amino

Aminos are the building blocks of your muscles and you can't grow without them!! Big Boy Amino delivers the most sought after BCAA’s in a 2:1:1 ratio that you trust, plus a balanced blend of EAA’s - Essential Amino Acids. Most people think that the BCAA’s are all you need during training to keep your body in an anabolic state, but new studies show that consuming BCAA’s plus EAA’s can prevent muscle loss and promote an anabolic state better than BCAA’s alone. So get that strength, get that money and get yourself some Big Boy Aminos.

• BCAA’s + EAA’s
• Enhanced with Electrolytes
• Formulated with Glutamine for Faster Recovery


    Dead Game

    Mix 1 serving (one level scoop) with 8 to 12 ounces of water and consume 20-30 prior to training. 

    Time 2 Bleed

    Mix 1 serving (one level scoop) with Dead Game or Big Boy Amino, or take on it on its own with 6-8 ounces of water and consume 30 minutes prior to training. 

    Big Boy Amino

    Mix 1 serving (one level scoop) with 8 to 12 ounces of water and drink during your workouts and between meals on non-training days.