Strength Cartel RedRum Pre Workout


Title: Strawberry Gummy

Strawberry Gummy

30 Servings per Container

RedRum, RedRum, RedRum

Are you ready to absolutely MURDER your workout?!! To kill and utterly destroy some heavy ass weight? RedRum not only gives you insane energy it also contains Choline Bitartrate, L-Dopa and Teacrine for that badass super focus. But we didn't stop there and make some all stim no gains type of weak ass product. We added Betaine Anhydrous and Hydromax to help increase protein synthesis and super hydrate your muscles. You're about to be a BAAAD DUDE on that RedRum!

Directions: It's time to put up or shut up! Grab your RedRum and either shotgun 1 scoop of that shit or mix 1 scoop of that shit with 8 oz of cold water and pound it 15 minutes before a training homie. It's really that simple.