Strength Cartel - The Shu Stack MAX

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Dead Game MAX

Time 2 Bleed

Boost MAX

The SHU is the REAL DEAL. But now for us it stands for STRENGTH HOUSING UNIT. The place that we like to call home, the place where the CARTEL CREW can get together and bang some real weight. So for this stack we combined three of our most heavy hitting products to keep you focused, energized and strong while you’re in your own personal SHU. Time to GET THAT MONEY!

Dead Game

The weights may kill you, but with DEAD GAME™ you’ll NEVER QUIT. This is a motto the Strength Cartel lives by because that NEVER QUIT attitude is what can make you or break you. DEAD GAME will keep you focused and energized so you can stay on top of your mental game while bangin those weights. With Beta Alanine for extra endurance and creatine for a boost in strength, you’ll be sure to have that NEVER QUIT ATTITUDE. Go get some, the WORLD IS YOURS.

• Stay on Top of Your Mental Game
• Beta Alanine for more Endurance
• 2 Forms of Creatine for More Strength
• Better Pumps and More Blood Flow

Time 2 Bleed

One of the favorite supplements of the MOST HATED. It can be hard being on top when you have everyone gunning for you. But don’t worry about the haters homie, they just be jealous. Jealous of those results, of those PUMPS! Jealous of you getting that money. And that’s why you take TIME 2 BLEED. The hands down best POUND for POUND PUMP PRODUCT ANYWHERE. Formulated with the best pump ingredients and BETA ALANINE to push you over the finish line each and every time. So when it’s time to get that money then you know it’s TIME 2 BLEED.

• Best Pump Inducing Ingredients
• Patented VASO6™
• 4,250mg L-Citrulline
• 3,200mg of Beta Alanine


If you want to push those real KILOS then you better BOOST that TEST. Your testosterone levels dictate your growth and recovery as well as that aggression and attitude to help you reach your goals and get what you want. BOOST delivers researched natural ingredients to help your body naturally RAISE TESTOSTERONE levels. It’s time to turn it up and see what you’re really made of. BOOST, the TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER that DELIVERS.

• Researched Ingredients
• More Strength and Drive
• Enhance Libido, Size and Recovery


Dead Game

Mix 1 serving (one level scoop) with 8 to 12 ounces of water and consume 20-30 prior to training.

Time 2 Bleed

Mix 1 serving (one level scoop) with Dead Game or Big Boy Amino, or take on it on its own with 6-8 ounces of water and consume 30 minutes prior to training.


Take 1 serving (3 capsules) 30 minutes prior to training. On non-training days take one serving (3 capsules) 30 minutes before bed.