Strength Cartel Heavy Hitter Creatine

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120 Capsules


Do you Want to be that Heavy Hitter? Build that Strength? Get that size? Then you need to stop taking that old shit and get with the new, most advanced Creatine HCL in the market. Heavy Hitter Creatine by Strength Cartel. Get Anabolic in your first dose. No loading. No cycling. This shit aint for everybody, but if you want to TRAIN HARD, BANG that real steel and PUSH them kilos, then you better be on the HEAVY HITTER Creatine.

Directions: Training Days: Take 1 serving per 100 lbs. of body weight 1 hour prior to training with 6-8 ounces of water. For HEAVY HITTERworkouts, take 2 servings per 100 lbs. of body weight 1 hour prior to training with 6-8 ounces of water.

Non-training days: To help with muscle recovery, take 1 serving per 100 lbs. of body weight with 6-8 ounces of water per day.